What Customers Have To Say?

CoolStance How to open bag of CoolStance

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CoolStance Feeding CoolStance To Horses That Won't Eat

Coconut Meal? My Horse Won’t Eat That! I get some version of this response (title of article) just about every time I strike up a conversation with someone new about CoolStance. But, the truth is, I have yet to meet a horse that.. read more

CoolStance Feeding CoolStance wet or dry

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Sand Impaction and Sand Colic

How to detect if there is sand in your horse intestines. This does not tell if your horse has sand impaction. read more

CoolStance What's the Best Way to Estimate a Horse's Weight?

Q. I’m trying to estimate my horse’s weight to determine how much hay, grain, and other products I should be feeding. I bought a weight tape at the feed store and it says that he weighs 1,050 pounds. Howe.. read more

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